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The Eden Prairie Historical Society presents PRESERVING FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS
Most of us have home photos that we can readily admit look different than they did when first processed. Faded color, stain, yellowed or spotted silver images are just a few of the results from less than optimal processing and/or storage. Dave Kopperl, 30-year specialist in photo preservation, will present examples and advice for salvaging damaged family photos. Please bring examples from your collection!
Dave spent 34 years at Eastman Kodak Co in The Image Stability Technical Center.  He was a member of the committees that wrote standard tests for image permanence and longevity.  After early retirement at Kodak, he moved to St Cloud where he tested photo safety and shelf life of Creative Memories' products.  He has been a volunteer consultant to several museums and historical societies.  In 1991 he received a team technical academy  award for a motion picture preservation technique.    
WHAT: a free 2-hour program
DATE: Thursday, November 10 from 7:00-9:00 pm
LOCATION: Eden Prairie City Center, 8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie; in the lower level Heritage Rooms 3 & 4
PRESENTED BY: photo preservationist and Historical Society Board member, Dave Kopperl
more info available on www.edenprairiehistory.org
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PRESERVING FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS is our second, of hopefully many community programs, that the historical society plans on offering. We hope to engage and include non-members and members with informative, educational and fun programs. We’re moving the program sites around town, the timing will customarily be Thursday evenings and all will be free. Our last program was a 2-hour class called GENEALOGY 101 and was held at the Eden Prairie Library on July 14. A good time was had by all … in fact we ran out of time and will schedule a GENEALOGY 202 next year. The goal is to get to 4/year. Watch this website for more info.