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Dave Pavelka Presents Genealogy 101 on July 14
Dave Pavelka, an Eden Prairie native, founded the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International 25 years ago.  Today the organization has over 3000 members from every state of the union. Dave has a passion for genealogy and is always eager to help people start their family histories. He says, “We study World History, United States History and Minnesota History but know very little about our own family history.  Today, with on-line access many resources are available to speed the process. Joining ethnic family history societies provides sources for European pre-immigration information. Networking in these organization (and on-line) may link you with others who are also researching your family names. It is the stories and pictures you collect that make the detective work of family history unique to each person.  You will find yourself traveling across the United States and in many cases visiting ancestral villages in countries around the world.   Some people collect stamps, others coins; collecting bits and pieces of family lore can be a lifetime hobby. Let’s get started.”
Genealogy 101 – Researching and Saving Your Family History
What: a 2-hour class for all levels; beginners or old pros
Date: Thursday evening, July 14 from 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: Eden Prairie Library Meeting Room
FREE but we would appreciate you letting us know that you will be attending by making a reservation at www.edenprairiehistory.org/or mailing your reservation with name and a contact to: PROGRAMS, Eden Prairie Historical Society, 8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie 55344. Online go to New Member and Event Registration
In preparation for the class, consider the following questions:
·        What is your family’s ethnic group?
·        When did your family emigrate to the United States? From where?
·        Where did your family settle?
·        How far back have you traced your family history?
Answer as many questions as you can and send the info to Dave with your reservation. This will help him tailor the class to you, your experience and your needs.

Event Update

Some Photo’s of the annual 6th grade History Tour coordinated by teachers Ron Case and Mona Hanson. The kids tour the City on bike stopping at a number of Historic Sites including the Eden Prairie Cemetery (below)



It’s back to the bikes and on to the next stop.

Event Update

Some Photo’s from the Dedication of the Cummins-Phipps-Grill House


Some members of the Grill Family visit the updated home


A small patio with bricks from community supporters and a bench made from wood from the Anderson one room school house.